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Ring! Ring! It’s the 21st Century Calling, Wondering Where NAEA Is

We need to push NAEA to aggressively embrace technology, starting next year. Or to get it to acknowledge it can no longer ignore this basic communication requirement of our age. At the very least, the organization needs to make Internet access available for presentations and for live, networked feedback and reporting of session content by audience members. Beyond that, we should also push for sessions to be recorded and uploaded so they can be shared, rated, and further discussed beyond the limits of the conference dates and location.

How can we make this happen? Who wants to join me?

– From Jeanne Hoel, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Archived Comments:

  1. Kris Wetterlund Says:
    April 17th, 2010 at 4:13 pm Jeanne, I’m in! I am afraid that the cost of the conference may have to increase for us due to the high charges convention centers impose to turn on the WiFi. But I think it’s worth it. Wonder if others do to? – Kris