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Party of the Century!!!!!!

Oh, Kris. What a tepid invite to what will surely be the Party of the Century!!

I mean, yes, technically this is a fundraiser to support all of the tremendous benefits Museum-Ed offers to its subscribers daily for FREE. And true, all funds will go towards sustaining and improving all of the cool things Museum-Ed provides like the list serve, website, archive, professional development, and the like. And I suppose one of the things that people who come to the event can do is bid on amazing prizes, the proceeds of which all support a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to museum education.

But, you totally downplayed the fact that this a KEGGER that costs only $5 for cup and that only the COOLEST PEOPLE will be there. And that it’s within stumbling distance of the conference or that the party hosts are the inimitable KRIS WETTERLUND and SCOTT SAYRE. And that anything you see or like on the walls or in the house are free for the taking (okay, perhaps not true).

So, I hope that people will still choose to come, despite the lukewarm intro you gave it. Or that those who are unable to be at the conference in Minneapolis or otherwise too LAME to make to the party will at least still consider donating or supporting online at


Nathan Richie
Golden History Museums

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