Highpoint Museum Intern Handbook

By Edith W. Brady, Curator of Education, Highpoint Museum
May, 2005

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We are pleased to have you as an intern at the High Point Museum. We hope you will find the experience both rewarding and enjoyable. An
internship is a wonderful opportunity to apply practical knowledge you have learned in the classroom, explore career options, and generally get
a sense of life in the working world.

In this manual you will find some basic museum vocabulary, our mission statement and organizational chart, information about  professional museum associations, and a general museum bibliography. These materials will introduce you to the world of museum work and help you understand how your project fits into the overall operation of our museum.
As a museum visitor you have probably enjoyed viewing exhibits and participating in programs. During your internship you will find that working in a museum is very different from visiting one. There is a great deal of activity that goes on behind the scenes. Museums rely on people with a variety of backgrounds and skills to accomplish their projects and goals. While your individual project may focus on one particular aspect of museum work, in the course of your internship you will meet and observe people who work in every area of the museum.  You will have a scheduled visit to each department at some point during your internship. On these visits you will be introduced to the major goals and concerns for each area of the museum’s operations.

Welcome aboard!

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