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For Your Consideration 8.4

Use Technology to Improve Your Teaching Techniques

Teaching is a skill that requires constant honing to remain sharp and fresh. Why not take advantage of technology to assist?

provide tours and presentations to their peers. Video taping allows docents to review their own performance and to accomplish a self-examination of their teaching methods, including such variables as content, personal style, body language, questioning strategies, listening skills, and other aspects of teaching that are essential to a strong performance.

Break the ice by video taping staff presentations first. Review the tape for those variable that docents should be evaluating their own performance.

Who Else Has an Idea ?

Computers isolate and compartmentalize learners and, therefore, learners lose the variety of perspectives and interplay of ideas that are forthcoming during group discussions. Groups discussions encourage a wider variety of viewpoints and responses that broaden and enhance thoughtful consideration and reflection.

“For Your Consideration,” The Docent Educator 8.4 (Summer 1999): 9.

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