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For Your Consideration 13.2

How Does Your Teaching Feel?

Do you have sesquipedalia? Those who teach should be on the alert for this terrible scourge, which can diminish one’s ability to communicate effectively and maintain an audience’s interest.

The warning signs may include using jargon excessively, speaking in the least concise and most convoluted manner possible, or using exceptionally long words to impress one’s visitors or students.

Teachers, docents, interpreters, and guides, be on the look out for this highly destructive trait! Work tirelessly to prevent it from overtaking your effectiveness! Remember that an ounce of anticipatory obviating is worth a pound of restorative counteraction.

Two Thoughts to Consider

The child is in me still and, sometimes, the child is not so still.”

Fred Rogers, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood

Having a wonderful tour should mean providing a tour that is full of wonder. To wonder is to ponder, explore, reflect, and discover.”

Alan Gartenhaus, Publishing Editor, The Docent Educator

“For Your Consideration,” The Docent Educator 13.2 (Winter 2003-04): 17.

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