Example 3: Internal Docent Evaluation Form

Sample Docent Pocket Tour Reference courtesy of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN.

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The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Museum Guide Programs



Name                                                                           Date                            Evaluator                  

Tour title                                                                                 Intended audience                          

Time                     to                             


Yes      No       See comments    PREPARATION: Did the docent or guide…

___      ___         ___                        Check the bi-weekly schedule to find out about other tours that day?


___      ___         ___                        Walk the planned tour route the day of the tour to check the status of objects planned?


___      ___         ___                       Arrive early and begin the tour on time?


INTRODUCTION: Did the docent or guide…

___      ___         ___                      Introduce him/herself to the visitors gathered for the tour?


___      ___         ___                      Exhibit a welcoming, confident, and enthusiastic attitude?


___      ___         ___                     Give a general introduction to the museum and review museum rules?


___      ___         ___                    Present a theme or purpose for the tour?


COMMUNICATIONS: Did the docent or guide…


___      ___         ___                     Use voice in a clear and audible manner?


___      ___         ___                     Have a rapport with the group?


___      ___         ___                    Appear at ease and enthusiastic?


___      ___         ___                    Make eye contact with the audience?


___      ___         ___                   Allow time for looking in silence?


___      ___         ___                    Stand next to objects, face the audience, and follow the “one foot rule”?


___      ___         ___                    Notice group reactions and adjust to interest levels, attention span, and language skills?


___      ___         ___                    Review, summarize, or paraphrase during the discussion?


Yes      No       See Comments                  CONTENT AND TECHNIQUES: Did the docent or guide…

___      ___         ___                 Know the tour route and organize the tour well?


___      ___         ___                Make the theme clear throughout the tour?


___      ___         ___              Choose objects that supported the theme and provided a well-balanced tour?


___      ___         ___             Refer back to objects visited earlier in the tour?


___      ___         ___              Use open-ended questions to engage visitors?


___      ___         ___             Vary the pace of the tour (integrate inquiry, lecture, props/visual aids)?


___      ___         ___            Use transitions to make a cohesive presentation?


___      ___         ___           Compare, contrast, and put objects in context?


___      ___         ___           Exhibit flexibility in object selection when other tour groups were in the same gallery?


___      ___         ___            Present accurate information in an organized and respectful fashion?


___      ___         ___          Use consistent and accurate pronunciation?


___      ___         ___          Allot time well and complete the tour in approximately one hour?


___      ___         ___         Provide a conclusion that summarized key ideas and encouraged further exploration?






Tour discussed                                      Date                

Evaluation form mailed                                    Date