Example 3: Gallery Tour Evaluation Form

Sample Gallery Tour Observation Sheet courtesy of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN.

Gallery Tour Observation Sheet

1.Describe group’s mood upon entering the museum.

2. Over the course of the tour describe as specifically as possible the following:

  • Attention to images (Participants pay attention to image; focus on image)
  • Participation (Group energy is focused on discussion of work of art, variety of group members participate in discussion. [Characterize types of comments and non-verbal responses–pointing, eyes looking at parts of work, excitement, stillness, absorption]; looking especially for examples of critical thinking. Provide examples of quotes.])
  • Building on each other’s comments (Participants build on the stated ideas of others. [Provide examples of sample quotes.]
  • Agree/Disagree (Participants articulate agreement or disagreement with other students. [Provide sample quote.])
  • Rethinking of Interpretation (Evidence that interpretation of an image is rethought/revised during discussion. [Provide sample quote.])
3. Describe group’s mood toward end of the tour.
4. (This section to be completed by observing docent)

Observing docent__________________ Teaching docent_________________
Tour date___________ Tour focus_________________________________
Name of Group_____________________________________ Age range_______
Number of females__________________ Number of males__________________