Example 2: Internal Docent Evaluation Form

Sample Docent Pocket Tour Reference courtesy of the Beach Museum of Art, Manhattan, KS.

Beach Museum of Art
Docent Evaluation Form

Name of docent:
Date of tour:

Highlights tours will be evaluated on the following criteria:

A. How did the docent rate in the following areas?.

Tour Preparation
Was there a focus for the tour?
Was/were there specific objective(s) for giving this tour?
Were appropriate works chosen to achieve the focus and objectives?

Did the docent:
Introduce themselves to the group?
Include some information about the museum as part of my tour?
Explain the museum’s no touching policy?
Model proper museum behavior?
Create transitions between artworks and galleries?
Adapt my tour to learning levels, styles and the special needs and interests of my audience?
Respect all points of views?
Pace the tour properly?

Questioning Strategies
Did the docent:
Encourage group participation?
Invite visitors to enter into the discussions?
Include questions that encouraged observation and language skills and problem solving?
Provide plenty of “wait time” for responses?

Will these visitors want to return?
Will these visitors want to pursue the subject further?
Was the audience given visual literacy tools to use on other occasions?
Were artworks related to life experiences?
Were the learning objectives achieved for the tour?

B. Did the docent display the following characteristics? (This list was created by the docents)
. Prepared
. Friendly
. Good voice and good dress
. Interactive
. Open-minded and Respectful
. Read your Audience
. Exercise Good Judgment

C. Did the docent use the Highlights tour plan effectively?
(Below is a reminder of how to plan a Highlights Tour)

Highlights Tour Planning Guide

Exhibit or Subject/Theme (Focus of Tour)
Important Facts
Interpretive Technique
Learning Goals
Objects Selected
Key Questions


Group _________________________________ Date of Tour_____________
Contact ________________________________ Phone__________________
Audience Type
Special Needs
Aids or Support Materials

D. Additional Comments