Example 1: Internal Docent Evaluation Form

Sample Docent Pocket Tour Reference courtesy of the University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, MI.

University of Michigan Museum of Art Docent Program

Docent Evaluation

Name___________________________ Date__________ Evaluator_______________

F=Fine R=Refine NA=not applicable

I. Structure

1. Was there a clear statement of the theme of the tour?
2. Did the objects selected illustrate the theme?
3. Was the tour well organized?
4. Did it include an introduction that created interest?
5. Did the transitions help tie the tour together and move the group smoothly through the galleries?
6. At the conclusion of the tour, was there a summary of what was seen and discussed?
7. Was there an invitation to the audience to return? (informing the group of related museum programs)

II. Content

8. Was the content of the tour chosen to be interesting and appropriate to the age group?
9. Did the docent give accurate information?
10. Did the docent include visual analysis as well as factual information?
11. If the docent used activities other than discussion, were those activities effective and appropriate for the audience?
12. Did the docent use open-ended questions to engage visitors?
13. Did the docent vary the pace of the tour (integrate inquiry, lecture, props/visual aids, etc)?
14. Did the docent compare, contrast, and put objects in context?
15. Was the vocabulary, as well as the content, at an appropriate level for the audience?
16. Were terms explained as necessary?

III. Presentation

17. Was the docent welcoming and friendly?
18. Were questions or strategies used that guided participants to look at and respond to the object?
19. Did the docent notice group reactions and adjust to interest levels, attention span, and language skills?
20. Was the docent responsive to individual differences, modeling respect to art and artists of different cultures?
21. Did the docent invite questions from the audience?
22. Did the docent allow time for looking in silence?
23. Did the docent give the group time to think and answer questions?
24. Did the docent have good eye contact?
25. Could everyone hear the docent, and could the docent appear to hear the audience members and respond appropriately?
26. Was correct pronunciation used?

IV. Logistics

27. Did the docent meet the group and quickly begin the tour?
28. Was the tour well paced?
29. Were clear directions given to the group?
30. Did the docent move his/her group smoothly through the galleries, accommodating any unforeseen difficulties?
31. Did the docent allot time well and complete the tour in the specified time?
32. Did the docent manage the group so that others could still move freely in the gallery?
33. Did school tour docents handle any discipline problems effectively?