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Evaluating Object-Based Activities

Like all teaching strategies and their implementation, object-based activities should be frequently reveiwed and evaluated. Here is a checklist that can be adapted for self-evaluation, peer evaluation, or formal evaluation when using object-based activities for teaching.

  • Which type of object-based activity was employed?
  • What was the overall theme of the tour, and how did the activity reinforce that theme?
  • What learning skills were requested/applied to the activity?
  • Was the question or task used to initiate the activity “open ended?”
  • Did the audience understand what they were being asked to do?
  • Was adequate time provided to accomplish the task or answer the question?
  • Was a warning given before ending the activity that told visitors that they should wrap up their thoughts or search?
  • Was the question or task repeated for the audience before asking them to respond?
  • Were the responses from visitors eagerly forthcoming; did many participate?
  • Did the audience do most of the talking or did the docent?
  • Did the docent accommodate, validate, and enlarge upon all answers offered? If you were to conduct the same object-based activity again, how would you change or improve upon it?

These questions are offered merely as suggestions. Try coming up with your own.

“Evalluating Object-Based Activities,” The Docent Educator 11.4 (Summer 2002): 20.

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