Elmhurst Historical Museum Intern Manual

Intern Handbook courtesy of the Elmhurst Historical Society, Elmhurst, IL.

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The Elmhurst Historical Museum is operated by the City of Elmhurst, and serves as the community’s memory by acquiring, preserving, and interpreting original materials related to the history of Elmhurst from the settlement period to the present. It was founded in 1957, and is located in the 1892 home of the first Village President, Henry L. Glos, and his wife Lucy. A landmark in downtown Elmhurst, the former home is now our modern Museum.

The following are answers to some common questions people ask about the building:

Why doesn’t the interior look like a home?
The building was deeded to the City in 1939. It has been used for several different purposes and radically remodeled three times. Some walls were removed and new walls were installed. An elevator and public restrooms were also added.

Why isn’t the building interpreted as a mansion?
We have little information about the interior of the building when Henry and Lucy Glos lived here. There are no known photographs. However, in this exhibit there is a projected layout of the floor plan. Instead of a historic house museum, here you will find stories about the history of our entire community.

Where are the artifacts in the Mansion to Museum exhibit from?
The artifacts displayed in this exhibit are original to the house. The Glos’ bequeathed most of their furnishings and personal belongings to family members. The family graciously donated some of those furnishings to the museum.

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