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Before subscribing to the digest version of the Discussion List, please note that the software we are using was not designed to allow digest subscribers to participate in the discussion, only to receive daily summaries. If you are or anticipate becoming an active participant, we encourage you not to subscribe to the digest version of the Discussion List. For digest subscribers who want to make an occasional posting to the list, we have designed a workaround allowing digest subscribers to send messages to a special email address which will automatically forward messages to the discussion list. (You’ll receive the special email address when you subscribe to the digest.) Because of this, all messages originating from digest subscribers will be marked as “FW:” The “From” address will be displayed as “Digest Subscriber”, so it is important that your email address appear in your signature. The digest version does not properly display email containing HTML. We encourage all talk@museum-ed subscribers to set their email programs to “plain text” mode when submitting messages to the list.