Delaware Historical Society – Evaluating Other Museum Programs

Sample Evaluation Other Museum Programs Form courtesy of the Delaware Historical Society, Wilmington, DE.

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External Evaluation

Use this form when on a filed trip or visiting a site on your own in which you take a tour from a person, observe a classroom, chaperone a school field trip, etc…


Observer: ____________________________                       Date: ___________________

Museum/ School Observed: _________________________________________________

Person(s) Observed: _______________________________________________________

Program/ Topic: _________________________________   Group Grade/Age: ________


1. Introduction: Do you think that the introduction was effective? __________________

Did the guide do anything differently from you, if so, what? _______________________


2. Questioning Skills: What types of questions does the guide use? (close-ended, answer with a simple yes/no; open-ended; or fill-in-the-blank): ___________________________

Give an example of a question used: __________________________________________


3. Speech: How does the guide speak (vocabulary, inflection, volume)?


Does this guide speak to their audience differently than you? If so how?


Please comment on the guide’s effectiveness in speech:



4. Eye Contact: In what ways does the guide use eye contact? (Please explain):________________________________________________________________________


5. Focus: Is the guide maintaining a balance of creating a positive enjoyable experience and imparting knowledge? (Please Explain):


6. Rapport: Is the audience comfortable with the guide? : _________________________

Are the visitors active participants or merely observers, if so or not, how? : ________________________________________________________________________

Does the guide utilize humor to build rapport? Is it effective? : _____________________


7. Pace: How was the program or tour conducted? (quickly, slowly, just right) Please Explain:



8. Activities and/or Visuals: Were there any visual aids used? : ____________________

Were visual aids an integral part of the program or used as filler? : __________________

Did the guide/ teacher do anything with artifacts or visual aids, which you would like to incorporate into or avoid in your program delivery, if so what? :



9. Learned: What did you learn today that you can utilize or avoid in your presentations in the future? : ___________________________________________________________


10. Additional Comments: ________________________________________________