Butterfly House Interview Questions

Intern Evaluation courtesy of the Butterfly House, Chesterfield, MO

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“Getting to Know You”

Intern Advisor Interview Questions

These questions should be used as an icebreaker between the intern and advisor during the first training shift.  Please add any questions you find relevant to your area.

1)   Do you feel you are a self-starter or do you need regular supervision and instruction?

2)   Do you need step-by-step instructions when given something to work on or can you take a project and figure out the best way to break it down?

3)   What are some job tasks you would like to avoid if you were able to?

4)   What are some job tasks that you think will enjoy most?

5)   Do you thrive on positive feedback?  For instance, will it motivate you if you are consistently told you are doing a good job?

6)   What are some of your strengths that you feel the organization can utilize most while you are here? Ex. Computer skills, public speaking, creativity, etc.

7)   What type of experience would you like to add to your resume?

8)   How well do you accept constructive criticism?


Intern Interview Questions

1)   Without mentioning any names, what are the qualities that you admire/appreciate most in your past/present coworkers and how would these help me become a great employee?

2)   What qualities, traits, skills or attitudes do you possess and wish others would adopt?

3)   What are your biggest pet peeves in the work place?  These are things that under your supervision, I might be wise to avoid.

4)   Are you generally comfortable delegating or do you prefer to be asked questions like “what can I do next” or “can I help you with something?”

5)   Do you regularly give positive feedback or compliments when a job is well done?  If not, should I assume everything is okay if feedback is not provided?

6)   Are you comfortable giving constructive criticism?  Will you tell me when I have not met expectations?

7)   Do you prefer regular feedback or status reports from me on a regular basis?  How often?  After each task or at the end of the day?  In what format would like- verbal, written or e-mailed updates?

8)   What are your overall expectations of me as a new member to your team?

9)   What are the primary goals you would like me to help the organization achieve?