Beach Museum of Art Docent Self Evaluation

Sample Docent Self-Evaluation Form courtesy of the Beach Museum of Art, Manhattan, KS.

Beach Museum of Art Docent Evaluation Checklist

This is a list of questions to ask yourself after a tour as a self-evaluation.

Tour Preparation
Did I decide on a focus for my tour?
What was my specific objective(s) for giving this tour?
Did I choose appropriate works to achieve my focus and objectives?
Did I check the galleries to make sure the works I planned to discuss were on exhibit?

Did I appropriately introduce myself to the group?
Did I include some information about the museum as part of my tour?
Did I explain the museum’s no touching and no photography policies?
Did I model proper museum behavior?
Did I create transitions between artworks and galleries?
Did I adapt my tour to learning levels, styles and the special needs and interests of my audience?
Was I courteous?
Did I respect all points of views?
Was I objective?
Did I pace the tour properly?

Questioning Strategies
Did I encourage group participation?
Did I invite my visitors to enter into the discussions?
Did I include questions that encouraged observation and language skills and problem solving?
Did I provide plenty of “wait time” for responses?

Will these visitors want to return?
Will these visitors want to pursue the subject further?
Did I give my audience visual literacy tools to use on other occasions?
Did I relate artworks to life experiences?
Did I achieve the learning objectives for the tour?