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All Things Must End: An Announcement of Importance to our Subscribers

For nearly thirteen years, Jackie Littleton and I have had the honor of producing The Docent Educator. What began as a late-night revelation — that no publication for professional development existed solely for staff and volunteers teaching in museums, historic sites, aquariums, zoos, gardens, and libraries — has grown into a quarterly publication that enjoys an international following. From Bonn to Berkeley, Hong Kong to Houston, Montreal to Miami, and Perth to Pittsburgh, docents and other educators have subscribed, submitted articles, and sent us their thoughts and suggestions.

In the over 50 issues we have published. The Docent Educator has explored topics related to teaching techniques, programmatic challenges, and various audiences. We have attempted to do this in a manner that presented practical ideas and solutions rather than philosophic discussions, and that communicated in a consistent and clear manner, without reliance upon educational jargon.

Recently, Jackie and I have been hard pressed to think of topics left unexamined in previous issues. That led us to the difficult conclusion that it was time to retire the publication. Therefore, we have decided that the Winter 2003-04 issue of The Docent Educator will be our last.

Renewing subscriptions from now on will differ from doing so in previous years. Those of you who are renewing your subscription with this, the Spring 2003 issue, will be purchasing the next three issues. Those of you whose subscriptions are scheduled to end with the Summer 2003 must purchase the next two and those whose subscriptions end with the Autumn of 2003 can purchase the one additional copy available before we cease publication. (To learn when your subscription ends, please see your mailing label on page #20.) By using the subscription form on the facing page, you can pay for the individual copies remaining and get every last article and idea offered by your colleagues and friends throughout the docent/museum teaching profession.

I wish to express a special thanks to the many authors who submitted articles and shared their wisdom and advice. Your contributions have been greatly appreciated. (Please note that there are still several issues left in which to publish your teaching ideas and techniques.) And, to all of you who gave your support- to this publication by subscribing, thank you for your encouragement and participation. Sharing thoughts, teaching philosophies, and ideas with you has been a great privilege!

Alan Gartenhaus, Publishing Editor

Gartenhaus, Alan. “All Things Muse End: An Announcement of Importance to our Subscribers,” The Docent Educator 12.3 (Spring 2003): 18.


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