2012 Strategic Plan

Museum-Ed has created a strategic plan for expansion into the future. Below is a two-page summary of the plan.

Download a pdf of the 2012 Strategic Plan Summary.


Connecting the Museum Educator Community


Museum-Ed is a virtual community where museum educators and anyone interested in museum education may ask questions and immediately pursue solutions, exchange ideas, explore current issues, share resources, think about their work, and find inspiration for new directions. Museum-Ed allows participants to connect personally and professionally with museum educators in the United States and internationally.

Our Constituents

Museum-Ed serves two sets of constituents: stakeholders who are potential participants, supporters, individual museum educators and anyone interested in museum education, and participants who are self-motivated museum educators and others whose interests lead them to contribute content of any sort to the Museum-Ed community.

Museum-Ed’s Essential Values and Qualities

  • Accessible to anyone who is interested
  • Participatory
  • Immediate
  • Community-directed
  • Nimble
  • Responsive
  • Adaptable
  • Dynamic
  • Up-to-date
  • Virtual

Create a vibrant commons that enables museum educators to thrive.

  • a place and/or resources belonging to or affecting the whole of a community
  • clarifies the future of Museum-Ed by combining the currently successful and lively listserv community with Museum-Ed’s more static Web site
  • brings together people and resources into one active online commons for museum educators

Strategic Components

  • A platform that integrates community exchange and resources
  • Customizable: People can find what they’re looking for
  • Networks people and information
  • Community-driven
  • Dynamic: Up-to-the moment, immediate
  • Automatically reaches constituents
  • Offers multiple forms and levels of participation
  • Strategically incorporates edited and community-driven strategies
  • Platform agnostic in both hardware and software
  • Has the functionality to support the type of knowledge and knowledge production that serves Museum-Ed constituents

Key Strategic Area and Goals ­— Next Five Years

Audience and Community

Strategic Goal:  Increase Museum-Ed’s visibility among its audience to provide as much access as possible to anyone interested in participating in the community.

The Future of the Commons

Strategic Goal: Enhance and sustain the dynamic, community-driven and edited virtual framework of Museum-Ed.

Capturing Community Knowledge

Strategic Goal: Advance a mixed model for gathering content knowledge in the commons that includes community contributed content and proactively collected and edited content.

Increasing Organizational Capacity—Resources

Strategic Goal: In alignment with its qualities and values, establish a budget and revenue model that generates sustainable operational funding as well as project funding by drawing in-kind and donated support from the Museum-Ed community and stakeholders with complementing revenues through grants and other miscellaneous sources.

Increasing Organizational Capacity—People

Strategic Goal: Establish a nimble, flexible, and diverse operational and governance structure that includes paid staff, contracted experts, contributed expertise and work from community members, and also allows for ad-hoc self-organization within the community.