Valéria (“Val”) Miranda DeLang Position Description and Volunteer Agreement


Education Department

Gallery Docent Position Description and Volunteer Agreement

The purpose of this document is to clarify the mutual responsibilities of the Volunteer Active Gallery Docent and the Museum that enable each Docent to provide meaningful and competent service to Museum visitors.

Active Docent Position Description

Upon successful completion of the basic training course, active Gallery Docents agree to fulfill docent duties for a minimum of two years. Gallery Docents have a strong interest in serving visitors and demonstrate an ability and willingness to communicate with different audiences. Gallery Docents should display flexibility, responsibility, and respect with regards to visitors, Museum staff, and their fellow volunteers.



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As a Volunteer Active Docent I agree to:

1.   Maintain membership in the Museum.

2.   Complete an Availability Form annually that indicates what time slots I would commit to. Once I have committed to a time slot, I am responsible for finding my own substitute.

3.   Commit to at least one two-hour shift or scheduled tour per month.

4.   Attend general meetings as scheduled by the Docent Council and the Education Department.

5.   Submit in writing, at least 30 days in advance, all requests for leaves or changes of status to the Docent Council Board President, who will forward a copy to the Education Department.

6.   Serve on the Docent Council Board and/or Board Committees as requested.

7.   In case of sudden illness or emergency, consult my docent list and make every possible effort to find a substitute to cover my presentation.

8.  Submit records of number of hours served.

9.   Read and adhere to the policies and procedures stated in the Docent Council By-Laws  found in the Docent Handbook.

10. Sign and adhere to the Museum’s confidentiality agreement.

The Museum and its Education Department Agree to:

1.   Provide a safe workplace and supportive atmosphere that emphasizes professional standards, active inquiry, constructive debate, personal growth, and meaningful interaction among docents, staff, and the public.

2.   Provide an “open door” policy and time for one-on-one appointments with education staff for docents seeking assistance, guidance, or wanting to discuss any ideas or concerns.

3.   Provide quality training that includes, but is not limited to: collection and exhibitions, the fields of art education, aesthetic development and philosophy, art history, and visual literacy.

4.   Keep docents informed about the Museum, and keep accurate records.

5.   Provide use of the volunteer office and the Museum’s library.

6. Upon request, provide a job reference based on the docent’s Museum service.


  • I have read my position description and volunteer agreement and agree to these terms as an Active Gallery Docent at the Museum. I will make this personal commitment to enable the docent program to function effectively.


Active Docent



  • I have read the position description and volunteer agreement for an Active Docent and agree to provide the support for Active Docents working at the Museum.


Director of Education